Is there a contract?

Nope, all services by Monumental Media & Marketing, LLC are always offered on a month-to-month subscription basis.

Where will my advertisements show up?

Neither us or ANY company can guarantee you an exact position on any Search Engine (example: guaranteeing your advertisements show up in a specific spot or that you will always be #1) However, our Ad Creation team constantly works their best magic to maintain your advertisements on the first page.

Is this service really exclusive?

Yes, we are 100% committed to representing only (1) client per search term. No more competing for zip codes or being just 1/100 faces in a roster. With us, the spotlight is always on you!

How long before my services are online?

Standard marketing campaigns are up and running within 24-72 hours. Multi-level marketing campaigns will be scheduled through your point of contact for your project completion date.

How will charges appear?

All transactions processed by Monumental Media & Marketing, LLC will appear on your statements as (Real Estate Marketing 8445498541).

Besides calling, is there another way to receive assistance with my account?

Of course, anything relating to your account or your products and services can also be assisted by emailing customer service anytime during business hours.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply click here to fill out our Account Cancellation Form a minimum of (3) business days prior to your monthly anniversary date.

How many unique search terms will I receive?

This depends on how many cities you are subscribed to. You are guaranteed at least (1) specific set of unique keywords per city. However, it is entirely possible to be featured on close variants of your specific keywords, meaning you can possibly show up under countless variations of your keywords.

Can I change the verbiage in my ads?

Upcoming “open house” or new home you just listed? Let us know. Having your verbiage updated regularly always keeps your advertisements fresh and sets you apart from your competition.

How do I update my account information?

Simply give us a call anytime during our business hours, all submissions will be updated within 24 hours, unless, due to the complexity of your submission we express otherwise.

Can I pause my account?

Sure, your account may be paused for up to (3) months. Please note a $10.00 charge will be applied for every month you remain paused.

What is the average cost to advertise through Monumental Media & Marketing?

This depends entirely on you. We offer several unique packages and services; each custom tailored and designed to achieve specific marketing outcomes.

Additional questions? Give us a call, we’d  to hear from you!